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CEPS Ideas Lab 2023 - 10th Edition

Kalender (Bron: swedeandsour / iStock.com)
swedeandsour / iStock.com
datum 28 februari 2023 09:30
plaats 1000 Brussel
locatie Mont des Arts, Brussels, Belgium Toon locatie
organisatie Centrum voor Europese Beleidsstudies (CEPS)

With Russia’s war of aggression, the EU’s central mission - to bring peace and prosperity to Europe - has become more difficult but it is now even more essential than ever before. The war has vividly illustrated the importance of shared values and the enhanced security that common institutions can create. As Jean Monnet predicted: ‘Europe will be forged in crises and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises’. 12 months after the start of the war it is time to evaluate whether the EU’s adopted responses have worked. Have they created the more resilient Union that we need to safely navigate a much more dangerous world?

The 2023 edition of Ideas Lab will examine how well the EU has fared in facing up to the challenges of the last year and will critically examine what has worked and what still needs to be changed.

Early on the first day, we will look at the state of public opinion. How have Europeans reacted to these unprecedented challenges? Is there a new willingness to forge common policies in energy, security and defence? After the Opening Plenary, the lab sessions will examine the many policy issues currently facing the EU in further detail. It is not enough to have a grand strategy - policy must work and be implemented properly to yield tangible benefits.

This is the unique added value the Ideas Lab offers: hundreds of experts who can dissect EU policies in many domains under one roof, in the presence of the policymakers who actively participate in the deliberations. As many points of view as possible will be represented, ensuring a lively and boisterous discussion.

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