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Metals for a Green and Digital Europe, Online

De letters WWW staan op het scherm
Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 5 juli 2022
locatie Online Toon locatie
organisatie Bureau de Helling

Both the energy transition and the digital transition require large quantities of metals, such as lithium, cobalt, and rare earths. As a result, Europe must face up to various types of scarcity. This online lecture sets out how we can achieve the sparing, circular use of metals and the responsible sourcing of the virgin metals that we really need.


Richard Wouters @richardwouters

staff member Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks

online lecture

dinsdag 5 juli 2022

via Zoom

18.30u - 19.30u

The lecture will be based on the report Metals for a Green and Digital Europe that was published in 2021 by the Green European Foundation and Wetenschappelijk Bureau GroenLinks.

This event is part of the lecture series Responsibility in Times of (Climate) Change. It is organised by the Department for Environment of the Student Council of the Technical University Munich.

View the lecture on Zoom (passcode: Climate)


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