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Statement by Mr Janusz Wojciechowski, following adoption by the Council of the CAP reform

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op donderdag 2 december 2021.

I welcome today's adoption of the three new CAP regulations by the Council, which follows last week's positive vote by the European Parliament. This sends a strong signal of support for the upcoming CAP.

This new CAP will be fairer. For the first time it will include social conditionality, ensuring a minimum level of protection for farm workers, while also providing additional mandatory support to young farmers and smaller farms.

This new CAP will be greener. It will play a key role in the transition towards sustainable food systems, with increased ambition for climate, environment, and animal welfare. The new tools introduced, combined with the new way of working, will result in a better targeted and efficient performance in that field.

This new CAP will be more flexible. Member States are required to explain in their strategic plans how they will make use of the CAP, in accordance with their local conditions and needs. The idea is to make the best use of the available tools and instruments to achieve our common goals: the CAP and Green Deal objectives.

I look forward to receiving the CAP strategic plans, a crucial step in the implementation of this new CAP. My services and I will ensure that our ambition is reflected in the plans when evaluating and approving them, in collaboration with Member States.

This reform is a unique opportunity to show that we can work together towards a more sustainable agriculture while preserving food security and a good livelihood for our rural and farming communities.

I strongly encourage Member States to take advantage of the remaining time before the submission deadline end of 2021, and make sure that this reform is a real game changer.

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