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Minimum wage: green light to start negotiations with Council

Met dank overgenomen van Europees Parlement (EP), gepubliceerd op woensdag 24 november 2021.

MEPs will vote on Thursday at 9.30 (results announced 13.00) on whether or not to give the green light to start negotiations with the Council on the draft directive on minimum wages.

If a majority of MEPs confirm the decision made by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs on Thursday 11 November to open talks with Council on the draft directive that aims to ensure a minimum level of wage protection in each member state, then negotiations can start as soon as the member states have agreed on their own negotiating mandate.

However, should the plenary overturn the committee’s decision, the directive on minimum wages will be added to the agenda of the next plenary session (December), for a vote on the draft text and amendments.

Thursday’s vote can be followed live via the EP website and EBS+.

Information on procedure

The President of the European Parliament announced on Monday 22 November decisions taken by various committees to enter into inter-institutional negotiations, pursuant to rule 71 of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure. If at least 71 MEPs request a vote on such a decision, the vote will be added to the agenda during the same session.


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