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EU summit: step up work for recovery, and update migration and asylum system

Met dank overgenomen van Europees Parlement (EP), gepubliceerd op woensdag 23 juni 2021.

MEPs presented their expectations for the upcoming European Council, and many used the opportunity to demand guarantees that fundamental rights are respected.

In a debate with EC Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič and the Portuguese Secretary of State Ana Paula Zacarias, several MEPs criticised the recently adopted Hungarian legislation that prohibits sharing content with minors that is seen as promoting homosexuality or sex reassignment. They urged the Council and the Commission to implement legislation and procedures for the protection of rule of law.

Looking to the leaders’ agenda for their meeting on 24-25 June, MEPs called for the smooth implementation of the recovery strategy to take Europe out of the COVID-19 induced crisis. Several representatives insisted the EU needs to review its migration and asylum policy and encouraged member states to work on the proposals included in the New Pact tabled by the Commission. The EU’s relationships with Turkey and Russia were also raised.

You can catch up with the full debate here.

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