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2020 ECA Award for research on public sector auditing

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Rekenkamer, gepubliceerd op maandag 19 oktober 2020.

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) Award for research on public sector auditing this year goes jointly to Antoine Dumartinet and Carolyn Moser: Antoine Dumartinet for his article on the CAP and Cohesion policy after 2020: the greater demand for ‘European added value’ set against the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, and Carolyn Moser for her book on Accountability in EU Security and Defence. The Law and Practice of Peacebuilding.

The selection panel agreed that Mr Dumartinet’s article was the most directly focused on the specific theme of the 2020 edition of the Award and provided an interesting analysis of EU added value from both a theoretical and practical perspective. The book submitted by Ms Moser was based on very solid academic work and dealt with a topic broadly in line with the overall theme of the ECA Award, also touching upon EU added value.

In its current strategy, the ECA expressed its commitment to increase its focus on the performance aspects of EU action by giving greater attention in its work to the added value of EU action. In recent years, the ECA has focused on assessing, more often and whenever possible, whether "action at EU level was the best way to achieve the desired outcome and whether more or less EU-level intervention would be needed in view of the objectives of the funding or policy”.

For this reason, too, the theme of this year’s edition of the ECA award was ‘EU added value’, a topic directly related to the ECA’s work. The EU added value aspect is more important than ever in times of crisis and in dealing with all the challenges the EU and the world is facing.

Mihails Kozlovs, ECA Member, Chair of the 2020 ECA Award selection panel

The European Court of Auditors is committed to being at the forefront of public sector auditing, both in the EU and worldwide. With the 2020 ECA Award focusing on the theme of ‘EU added value’, the ECA intends to provide an incentive and recognition for research on public audit-related issues and reaffirm that a more systematic analysis of actual and potential EU added value should be fostered both in the Member States and at EU level.

As in previous years, the ECA Award pays tribute to a person who actively contributed to the reputation of the ECA as an EU institution. This sixth edition of the ECA Award pays tribute to the memory of Marcel Mart (1927-2019), the first Luxembourg ECA Member (1977-1989) and ECA President (1984-1989).

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