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EP Today

Met dank overgenomen van Europees Parlement (EP), gepubliceerd op vrijdag 23 oktober 2020.

Monday 19 October

A press briefing with political group spokespersons will be held at 16.00, to highlight the main topics to be debated and voted on during the plenary session. Due to the worsening public health situation caused by COVID-19, the session will be held entirely in remote mode, with MEPs intervening from a distance, be it from EP liaison offices in the member states or EP premises in Brussels and Strasbourg.

You can follow remotely via webstreaming. For practical information, check the Media Advisory.


EP President Sassoli will open the 19-23 October plenary session at 17.00.

You can follow all of the session’s debates and votes live on EbS+ or through webstreaming.

Further information on the plenary sitting can be found in our newsletter.

Digital Services and Artificial Intelligence

In a joint debate from around 17.15, MEPs will discuss legislative initiatives on how digital services, including online platforms and marketplaces, should be regulated and how the EU can best regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to boost innovation, ethical standards and trust in technology. Votes on amendments are to start on Tuesday.


(+32) 498 98 33 36



(+32) 498 98 13 45


The future of European education in the context of COVID-19

MEPs are expected to call on the Commission to urgently propose measures to ensure that every pupil in the EU has access to education, also in case of future lock-downs, in a debate starting around 19.00.


(+32) 470 89 01 46


You can follow the debates live on Parliament’s webstreaming and on EbS+.

In brief

Visa reciprocity EU-US

MEPs are to discuss how to finally establish full visa reciprocity with the US. Four EU member states still need a visa to travel to the US, while all US nationals can enter Europe visa-free.


Votes start at 19.15 and last until 20.30, with results announced Tuesday morning at 9.00.

MEPs, will vote, among other things, on

  • Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Fund to help workers who lost their jobs in the shipbuilding ancillary sectors in Galicia (Spain)
  • Budget discharge 2018 for Council and for the European Economic and Social Committee.

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