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Celebrating 10 years of AISSR (online) - Universiteit van Amsterdam, Online

De letters WWW staan op het scherm
Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 3 november 2020 15:00 - 17:30
locatie Online Toon locatie
aanwezigen H.G.M. (Geert) ten Dam e.a.
organisatie Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA)

In 2020, the AISSR celebrates its 10th anniversary. We planned on celebrating this milestone together, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions this is not possible. We do want to celebrate this important and special moment and therefore we will host a small but festive online celebration on Zoom. Here, we bring together former, current and new AISSR members, to reminisce as well as look forward!

Detail Summary


3 november 2020


15:00 -17:30

AISSR Harvest Day Inaugural Edition of 2014


  • 15.00 Opening of the meeting by Brian Burgoon, followed by a short film
  • 15.15 - 16.15 Roundtable with Geert ten Dam (President of the UvA Executive Board) and Agneta Fischer (Dean Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences): reflecting on the role of social science for and in society.
  • 16.15 - 16.20 Short film
  • 16.20 - 17.20 Roundtable with former, current and new AISSR directors: Brian Burgoon, Marieke de Goede and Anita Hardon. What has the AISSR been able to achieve over the past 10 years, and what should we aim to do the upcoming 10?
  • 17.20 Words of thanks for Brian Burgoon by Agneta Fischer, Joyeeta Gupta and Oskar Verkaaik
  • 17.35 Closing and end of meeting

More information about the speakers can be found below.


The event is open for all. We warmly welcome all (AISSR) researchers, students, stakeholders and other interested parties to this event.


This event will take place online, using Zoom. The link can be found below. We invite you to join us with your camera on, but microfone off. There will also be ample time to chat with fellow AISSR members as well as pose questions and respond to some pressing issues facing the AISSR today and in the future.

Discussion Questions/Food for Thought

Here are some of the questions we will discuss during the meeting and that we look forward to having your input, too:

  • What are the main changes and challenged that faced the social sciences over the past 10 years? What role did the AISSR play?
  • Has the urgency of the social sciences increased in the past 10 years, and if so how? What is the role of Covid-19 in accelerating these developments? What role can the AISSR play in this?
  • What role should social scientists play in society in the next 10 years?
  • What have been some main achievements of the past 10 years of AISSR?
  • And what have been pitfalls or missed opportunities?
  • How should we continue in the future?

End of term Brian Burgoon

Our current academic director Brian Burgoon will soon end his term. We want to take some time at the end of the programme to thank him for his incredible efforts for the AISSR over the last years. We would be happy for many people to join us in celebrating Brian, as well as in welcoming our new academic director Marieke de Goede. For a detailed programme, see above.


The meeting will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel in the following days.

Zoom link

About the speakers

G.T.M. (Geert) ten Dam

Geert ten Dam is President of the UvA Executive Board

G.T.M.tenDam@uva.nl 0205252752

A.H. (Agneta) Fischer

Agneta Fischer is Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences

A.H.Fischer@uva.nl 0205256312

A.P. (Anita) Hardon

Anita Hardon was the first AISSR Academic Director

A.P.Hardon@uva.nl 0205253544

  • M. 
    (Marieke) de Goede

Marieke de Goede is the new/incoming AISSR Academic Director

M.deGoede@uva.nl 0205256178

B.M. (Brian) Burgoon

Brian Burgoon is the current AISSR Academic Director

B.M.Burgoon@uva.nl 0205253189

O.G.A. (Oskar) Verkaaik

Oskar Verkaaik is chair of the Board of Social Sciences

O.G.A.Verkaaik@uva.nl 0205252822

  • J. 
    (Joyeeta) Gupta

Joyeeta Gupta is Programme Group Leader


Questions or remarks?

Mw. Z.A. (Zahra) Runderkamp

Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen

Z.A.Runderkamp@uva.nl +31(0)20-525 2262

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