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New ECA Member Helga Berger (Austria) takes office

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Rekenkamer, gepubliceerd op maandag 3 augustus 2020.

On 1 August 2020, Helga Berger took office as the new ECA Member for Austria.

Ms Berger was appointed for the period from 1 August 2020 to 31 July 2026. She replaces outgoing Member Oskar Herics. Ms Berger comes from the Austrian Ministry of Finance, where she was the director-general of budget and public finance. Prior to that, she held different managerial positions at the Austrian Court of Audit. The ECA’s College of Members, under President Klaus-Heiner Lehne, will meet shortly to determine Ms Berger’s exact duties. She will then be sworn in before the European Court of Justice. An updated organisation chart, along with Ms Berger’s CV and declaration of interests, will be published on the ECA website.

The Members, nominated by their respective governments, are appointed by the Council of the EU after consultation with the European Parliament. Their terms of office are renewable.

The ECA operates as a collegiate body of 27 Members, one from each Member State. They are required by the Treaty to perform their duties entirely independently and in the general interest of the EU.

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