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WIRE 2020: XI. Week of innovative regions of Europe, Split

Split, Kroatië
datum 22 april 2020 - 24 april 2020
plaats Split, Kroatië
locatie The Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Split, Cvite Fiskovića 5 Toon locatie
organisatie Kroatisch voorzitterschap Europese Unie 1e helft 2020 (Kroatisch voorzitterschap)

During Croatia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, on 22-24 April 2020 in Split a conference called “WIRE 2020: XI. Week of Innovative Regions of Europe” will be held. The conference will enable discussions on research and innovation policies and activities focused on remote regions.

The WIRE 2020 conference, organized by the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism of University of Split, will bring together representatives of the research community, entrepreneurs, regional agencies and local government bodies, non-governmental organizations and other groups in the EU and beyond.

The WIRE conferences are organized during the Presidency and usually have a geographical framework. The conference in Split will focus on "remote regions", which is particularly relevant to Croatia with regard to many islands and other sparsely populated and otherwise isolated areas.

The main topics of the conference are: underlining the role of the Quality of governance for successful implementation of the EU policies; link between Heritage and Innovation ecosystems; awareness of the role of Entrepreneur Research institutions/Universities; importance of (social science) higher education for brain circulation for regions in widening countries;

The conference will be structured through: Plenary Sessions with roundtables Parallel Sessions Heritage reality exhibition Speed networking sessions The conference is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme from the Work Programme 2018-2020 Spreading excellence and widening participation.



Kroatisch voorzitterschap Europese Unie 1e helft 2020 (Kroatisch voorzitterschap)

Van 1 januari tot en met 30 juni 2020 vervult Kroatië het voorzitterschap van de Raad van de Europese Unie. Kroatië volgt hiermee Finland op. Kroatië is voor het eerst voorzitter van de Raad: het land trad in 2013 toe tot de EU en draait sindsdien mee in het roulerend systeem van voorzitterschappen.


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