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Building a more inclusive Europe

datum 4 maart 2020 - 09:30
organisatie Friends of Europe


Since 2016, Friends of Europe has contributed to the global discussion on migration and inclusion through our sustained work and innovative thinking on the topics, aiming to spotlight that well-managed migration is an asset for Europe - and the world. To reach this end, all those who believe in an open, inclusive and multicultural Europe must work harder to change the current negative narrative on migration through facts and figures, as well as a stronger emotional story on the many benefits of inclusion. Policies must also be more realistic and comprehensive, addressing both the challenges and opportunities posed by migration and inclusion.

The narrative on migration must tell the true story - successes and failures - of what it means to leave one’s home, make the journey and settle into someplace new. Europe has a role to play in making this a reality.

This meeting presents an opportunity to bring together Friends of Europe’s network of policymakers and practitioners working in the fields of migration and inclusion for an exchange of ideas. We aim to identify common trends and themes for the months and years ahead, as well as to share upcoming projects and areas for collaboration.

Participation in this meeting is by invitation only.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Bigstock/Ben Gingell



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Building a more inclusive Europe


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