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Course 02/2019: Drug trafficking, Online

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Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 16 maart 2020 - 3 april 2020
locatie Online Toon locatie
organisatie Europese Politieacademie (Cepol)


16 March 2020 to 03 April 2020




The overall aim of the online course is to increase law enforcement capacity to dismantle organised crime groups specialised in drug-related crimes, to gain knowledge on criminal modus operandi and better understand the operation of drug supply chain.

The learning process highlights a learner-centred approach and will accommodate interactive, participatory, practical and experiential orientated principles. The activity involves didactic learning through lectures and presentations by subject matter experts.


  • Trends and developments in the area of drug production and trafficking.
  • Cross-border investigations against OCGs.
  • International coordinated approach.
  • Drug-related EMPACT priority areas.
  • Support by EU agencies.
  • Financial investigations and asset recovery.

The activity is divided in three learning phases:

  • Independent Learning Phase (ILP): 18 hours.
  • Contact Learning Phase (CLP): 3 hours.
  • Experiential Learning Phase (ELP)/Post-course assign-ments: 3 hours.

In the ILP, the learners will receive a training package of required readings, presentations, webinars and videos. The main strategy during the CPL aims to incorporate the already existing knowledge and experience from the participants by discussing and exchanging “good practices” and developing problem-solving strategies. The ELP has been designed for those learners who would like to receive more in-depth knowledge regarding the topic and share it with other colleagues on a national and international levels.

While there is no specific time slot when participants shall be availa-ble for completing the course tasks, they should follow the course continuously. This is important as they will need to exchange their ideas with other participants virtually and complete small tasks/as-signments then share the results of these tasks between each other and debate them collectively. Completion of the course would require 1-1.5 hour investment per working day from the attending participant during the length of three weeks.

The course will be held entirely in English, therefore it is essential that nominated officials possess appropriate language skills. The entire activity is carried out online hence the physical presence of participants will not be required.


The online course offers 30 seats altogether. In case you are interested, please contact your local CEPOL National Unit / CEPOL National Contact Point.

Target Audience:

Law enforcement officers, including Customs officials with up to 3-year experience in targeting organised crime groups involved in drug crime (beginner level).


Serious and organised crime


Online courses



drug trafficking


online course


Virtual, accessible through CEPOL e-Net (after approved registration)



Europese Politieacademie (Cepol)

Dit agentschap leidt hogere politie-ambtenaren uit de nationale korpsen van de EU-lidstaten op, om zo efficiënt mogelijk de grensoverschrijdende misdaad te bestrijden en de orde te handhaven.

De Europese Politieacademie (Cepol) is operationeel sinds 1 januari 2001. Vanaf 1 januari 2006 heeft het de status van agentschap van de Europese Unie.


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