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28/2020: Camden Asset-Recovery Inter-Agency Network (CARIN), Online

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Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 28 februari 2020
locatie Online Toon locatie
organisatie Europese Politieacademie (Cepol)


28 February 2020


10:00 - 11:30 CET




The overall objective of this online training event is to enhance knowledge on the added value of Camden Asset-Recovery Inter-Agency Network (CARIN) that connects asset recovery units and facilitates cross-border financial investigations within and outside of the European Union.

CARIN is a network of law enforcement practitioners that facilitates cross-border identification, freezing, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds of crime. CARIN can help investigators, prosecutors, judges, asset recovery specialists to identify and locate criminals assets, clarify the procedures of seizure, confiscation and management of criminal assets abroad. The network that serves as knowledge hub on international asset recovery exists since 2004, its secretariat is hosted and staffed by Europol. The webinar will share knowledge on the services of CARIN in general and will demonstrate via concrete case studies how the network can effectively support the tracing, identification and seizure of criminal assets. Knowledge will be shared through the presentation of past cases by a Europol and a Belgian asset recovery specialist demonstrating both the international and the national perspective of using CARIN services. Criminals shall not enjoy the profit of crime, use CARIN and take back the money from them! Learn with this webinar how you can do that!

Target Audience:

International cooperation and asset recovery specialists, law enforcement officers specialised in money laundering and financial investigations, serious organised crime investigators. Police, customs, judiciary, FIU, ARO officers are all welcome.

Registrations for this webinar now open on e-Net restricted only.


Serious and organised crime




asset recovery




money laundering

financial investigations





Europese Politieacademie (Cepol)

Dit agentschap leidt hogere politie-ambtenaren uit de nationale korpsen van de EU-lidstaten op, om zo efficiënt mogelijk de grensoverschrijdende misdaad te bestrijden en de orde te handhaven.

De Europese Politieacademie (Cepol) is operationeel sinds 1 januari 2001. Vanaf 1 januari 2006 heeft het de status van agentschap van de Europese Unie.


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