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A European perspective on artificial intelligence (AI): Paving the way for SMEs’ AI adoption in key industrial value chains, Brussel

Atomium in Brussel.
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen

A European perspective on artificial intelligence (AI): Paving the way for SMEs’ AI adoption in key industrial value chains

Published on: 23/01/2020

Artificial intelligence holds great potential for the European economy and AI applications are expected to bring numerous benefits for citizens and small businesses. But the adoption of AI technologies poses a particular challenge for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and the potential of these technologies will only materialise if SMEs are properly supported in their AI transition.

Event date: 18/02/2020 to 19/02/2020

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Conference objectives

The conference will explore the potential of AI applications for SMEs. Concrete steps to support the development and deployment of critical AI applications among SMEs will be discussed, with a focus on three strategic value chains for Europe: future mobility, industrial Internet of Things and smart health. During the conference, participants (representatives of SMEs and large established market players, researchers and policy makers) will have the opportunity to engage in different formats, including TED-style talks, focus groups, panel discussions, round tables and 1:1 networking events.

Specifically, the objectives of the conference are to:

  • Reinforce cooperation and knowledge transfer between players in the European AI ecosystem, including industrial players, start-ups and SMEs, academia, and policy makers
  • Explore the necessary foundations for joining-up SMEs' forces and facilitating their access to cutting-edge AI technology, data sharing, skills and reskilling plans, and investment opportunities for AI uptake
  • Foster a strong EU market for critical European AI applications in strategic value chains; promote European strengths in the new industrial age and strengthen Europe’s technological sovereignty in AI
  • Discuss relevant European Commission policies, including existing and potential future policy measures to accelerate the development and uptake of AI applications among European SMEs in strategic value chains

Target audience

The conference aims to bring together about 130 decision makers from the European AI ecosystem in key value chains, including SMEs, start-ups, large industrial players, research institutes and policy makers.


The conference takes place over two days. Day 1 will focus on business interactions, networking, and exchange and learning among SMEs. Day 2 will focus on the discussion of policy opportunities to pave the way for SMEs’ AI adoption in key industrial value chains.


The conference will take place in two different locations in Brussels.

Day 1 | February 18: Area 42, Rue des Palais 46, 1030 Brussels

Day 2 | February 19: Solvay Library, Rue Belliard 137A, 1000 Brussels


The conference is open to the public, with about 130 seats available.

Participants may register at the conference website.

Please note, the conference will not be streamed online or recorded for later dissemination.

More information

Conference website: A European perspective on artificial intelligence (AI): Paving the way for SMEs’ AI adoption in key industrial value chains



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