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Your Brain on Birth Control, Amsterdam

deBALIE in Amsterdam
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 18 januari 2020 20:00
plaats Amsterdam
locatie De Balie Toon locatie
organisatie De Balie

Your Brain on Birth Control

At a time when women’s reproductive freedoms are under attack, any suggestion that the birth control pill could be problematic feels tricky. But Sarah E. Hill, professor of social psychology, argues in her new book we need to talk about how oral contraceptives are affecting women’s thinking, emotions and behaviour. Are concerns about hormonal contraception justified? What are the alternatives? Why isn’t there a male oral contraceptive yet?

While it’s still the main choice of contraception, more and more young women are questioning how well the pill fits into their lives. Women turn to non-hormonal IUDs, cycle-tracking apps and condoms. Tonight we investigate the effects of the pill on your brain with Sarah E. Hill, dive into (male) alternatives and fantasise about a society where the responsibility to NOT get pregnant would be fairly distributed over its all its members. What role should GPs, politicians and men have considering contraception?

Please stay tuned for the complete line-up.

Note: we do not question the great successes and importance of the contraceptive pill: it gave (and still gives) women more reproductive rights, it increased social, educational, economical and sexual chances. Nonetheless we feel it’s important to investigate the impact of the pill on women’s brains, especially now more and more women are searching for non-hormonal alternatives. The appearance of the Dutch translation of Sarah E. Hill’s new book ‘Je brein aan de pil’ is new motivation to discuss the matter.



De Balie

Deze organisatie organiseert debatten, seminars, theater- en filmvoorstellingen met betrekking tot culturele, sociale en politieke vraagstukken in Amsterdam. Door middel van deze activiteiten worden vele interessegebieden bestudeerd en bediscussieerd, zoals technologie, kunst, economie, de veranderende bevolkingssamenstelling, Europa etc. De Balie is open voor een breed publiek en voor alle soorten media.

De Balie is gevestigd in het voormalige gerechtshof aan het Leidseplein in Amsterdam, en is in 1982 opgericht. Voormalig PvdA-politicus Felix Rottenberg is mede-oprichter van de organisatie.


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