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POSTPONED - Consultation on digital technologies for public health functions, Stockholm

Stockholm, Zweden
datum 24 maart 2020 - 25 maart 2020
plaats Stockholm, Zweden
locatie Stockholm, Sweden Toon locatie
organisatie Europees Centrum voor Ziektepreventie en -bestrijding (ECDC)

At a meeting on 24-25 March 2020, ECDC will consult with European learned societies, professional associations, industry representations as well as EU and international partner institutions and technical experts in the field.

The scope of the meeting are digital technologies and innovations, such as:

  • machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI),
  • blockchain
  • data science, including big data analytics and analysis of large datasets from a variety of different data sources
  • data exchange across sectors and/or countries, related governance, standards, interoperability, standardisation within health informatics (health data standards and classifications), related aspects of digital data protection, privacy and cybersecurity
  • automation, robotics, wearables, nanotechnologies, point-of-care and lab on a chip
  • augmented/virtual reality

and their possible impact on and use for public health key functions, such as:

  • communicable disease surveillance
  • signal and outbreak detection and validation
  • identification, collection, appraisal, analysis, reporting and visualisation of surveillance and research data and other possibly relevant information such as grey literature and social media data
  • implementation of public health measures and monitoring and assessment of their effects and effectiveness
  • epidemiological, modelling and forecasting studies
  • provision of evidence-based guidelines and advice

The objectives of the meeting are to review and discuss the results of a scoping review and other related work on digital technologies for public health key functions, exchange ideas and information as well as practical examples and lessons learned, discuss opportunities and challenges, and perform a forward look covering a period of 7-10 years.

It is not the intention of the meeting to agree upon or recommend specific technical solutions. The meeting is purely consultative and there is no obligation to reach consensus.

A call for expression of interest to take part in the consultation is open until 20 December 2019



Europees Centrum voor Ziektepreventie en -bestrijding (ECDC)

Dit agentschap heeft tot doel de bescherming van de inwoners van EU-lidstaten tegen overdraagbare ziekten als COVID-19, influenza, SARS en hiv/aids te helpen versterken.

Het agentschap is operationeel sinds 20 mei 2005.


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