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Time Machine conference 2019, Dresden

Dresden, Duitsland
datum 10 oktober 2019 - 11 oktober 2019
plaats Dresden, Duitsland
locatie Dresden, Germany Toon locatie

The conference will bring European business and academia representatives together to discuss the potential of cultural heritage data and technology for various domains. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the roadmap that the Time Machine project is developing for a large-scale research initiative on the digitisation of cultural heritage.

Speakers from world-leading science, technology and cultural institutions will discuss the huge potential of cultural heritage data and technology to impact areas such as education, scholarship, creative and cultural industries, entertainment and media business, urban planning, policy making and more. The EU-funded Time Machine project, organiser of the event, is developing the roadmap for a large-scale research initiative to digitise European cultural heritage. The conference will give the opportunity to participants to learn about and contribute to the research roadmap.

The programme and list of speakers are available on the Time Machine conference website. The event is taking place on 10-11 October in Dresden, Germany and registration is free of charge.

About Time Machine

Time Machine is an EU-funded project developing the research roadmap for a large-scale initiative to build a digitisation and computing infrastructure based on multi-scale modelling and simulation and AI technologies. This infrastructure will be used for digitising huge volumes of information from Europe’s historical archives, large museum and library collections, and geo-historical datasets that are mapping millennia of European historical and geographical evolution.


Time Machine project

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Last update: 16 September 2019

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Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) (Unit C.3)


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