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Vergadering: EP-Commissie Verzoekschriften, Brussel

József Antall-gebouw; (c) Atelier de Genval- Cerau - M. Van Campenhout, - Tractebel dev s.a. et ingénieurs associés
(c) Atelier de Genval- Cerau - M. Van Campenhout, - Tractebel dev s.a. et ingénieurs associés
datum 3 december 2019 09:00 - 18:30
plaats Brussel, België
locatie József Antall (JAN) Toon locatie
zaal 4Q1
organisatie EP-Commissie Verzoekschriften (PETI)

9.00 - 12.30 and 14.30 - 18.30


Room JAN 4Q1

at 15:00

  • 1. 
    Adoption of draft agenda (1) OJ- PE 643.016

FdR 1191533


Approval of minutes of the meeting of:

  • none
  • 2. 
    Chair's announcements


() In accordance with the committee’s Guidelines 2016, items in sections B of the draft agenda will not be discussed during the current meeting. However any PETI Member may ask before the end of the meeting for an item in section B to be kept open; it will then be automatically included in the Coordinators’ agenda for a decision on its further treatment at a subsequent Coordinators’meeting.

In the presence of the European Commission

  • 3. 
    Petitions for discussion in committee on the basis of the Commission's written reply or other documents received



Petition 0759/2015 by Jose Ramón Gil Bento (Spanish), on behalf of CCOO, on commercial trading hours.


opinion (1.06.2016)



Petition 0364/2018 by A.M.F. (Italian) on the former employees of the Sicilian vocational training programmes who have been left without employment

(in the presence of the petitioner)

CM- PE 638,529

FdR 1182925


Internal market


Petition 0547/2018 by M.L. (German) on problems with implementing the Posting of Workers Directive


CM- PE 638,530/REV

FdR 1187856




Petition 0661/2018 by Matias Eduardo Diaz Crescitelli (Italian) on the alleged violation of environmental EU law by an unhealthy industry in Borgo Val di Taro (PR), Italy

(in the presence of the petitioner)

CM- PE 638,536

FdR 1182934



Petition 0527/2018 by Dimitar Vasiliev (Bulgarian) on the impact of Struma motorway on Kresna Gorge and the region, Bulgaria

(in the presence of the petitioner)

CM- PE 636,165

FdR 1177925



Petition 0238/2019 by J. L. P. (Danish) on the alleged violation of the EU Habitats Directive

(in the presence of the petitioner)

CM- PE 641,059

FdR 1187908



Petition 0255/2019 by I. R. S. (Spanish), on behalf of the United Left of Cantabria, on possible irregularities with regard to the granting of a prospecting licence for mining in Cantabria

(in the presence of the petitioner)

CM- PE 642,900

FdR 1190783



Petition 0560/2019 by Timothée Galvaire (French) on behalf of Fairosene on the introduction of a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene) for flights within the Union

(in the presence of the petitioner)

CM- PE 641,353

FdR 1189741




Petition 0915/2015, by Jose Ortega Ortega (Spanish) on behalf of the Federation of Fishermen's Associations (Comisión inter federativa de la Cofradía de pescadores) of the Valencian Community against the new policy on discards, that obliges fishermen to unload all of their catch

CM- PE 587,586

FdR 1102203


PECH opinion


Fundamental rights


Follow-up of the Fact-finding Visit to Famagusta, Cyprus (7-8.05.2018)

(petition 0733/2004 by Loizos Afxentiou (Cypriot), on behalf of the Famagusta Refugee Movement, concerning the return of the closed area of the occupied town of Famagusta to the original inhabitants)

(in the presence of the petitioner)

FFV report

CR-PE 622.200

FdR 1169798

CM-PE 360,136

FdR 1056111


* * *

Tuesday 3 December

from 9:00 to 10:00 (in camera)


Coordinators' meeting


* * *





(see separate agenda)

OJ- PE 643.017

FdR 1191534


* * *

from 14:30 to 17:55




(see separate agenda)


* * *

at 17:55


Chair's announcements concerning Coordinators' decisions


Regional policy


Petition 0506/2018 by E. C. R. (Spanish) on the verification of the use of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for building a new hospital in Cáceres

CM- PE 636,215/REV

FdR 1187855


LT ES (28.06.2019)

  • 4. 
    Any other business
  • 5. 
    Date and place of next meeting
  • 6. 
    20.01.2020 , 15.00 - 18.30
  • 7. 
    21.01.2019 , 9.00 - 12.30 and 14.30 - 18.30

* * *

  • 8. 
    Petitions which it is proposed to close in the light of the Commission's written reply or other documents received

Petition 0429/2010 by Robert Houliston (British), on behalf of the 'Partido para Orihuela Costa', bearing 7 000 signatures, on the Cala Mosca urban development project in Orihuela, Valencia

CM-PE 456,745/REV.IV FdR 1189674


Petition 1125/2016 by Giambattista Scivoletto (Italian) on the home restaurant as a new Italian form of collaborative economy

CM-PE 608,116/REV FdR 1186719


Petition 0128/2018 by Pierpaolo Volpe (Italian) on the abolition of the accidents at work register


CM-PE 629,716/REV FdR 1190775


Petition 0129/2018 by Pasqualino Ludovico (Italian) on the abolition of the accidents at work register



Petition 0130/2018 by Michele Chimienti (Italian) on the abolition of the accidents at work register


Petition 0389/2018 by K. K. (Estonian) on rights of persons with “undetermined citizenship” in Estonia

CM-PE 638,602 FdR 1183594


Petition 0481/2018 by S. D. (Lithuanian), on behalf of Lithuanian Russian Union, on bans imposed on Russian channels in Lithuania

CM-PE 634,676 FdR 1175887


Petition 0492/2018 by Francesco Orbitello (Italian) on the incompatibility of Italy’s pension reforms with EU legislation

CM-PE 634,677 FdR 1175888


Petition 0572/2018 by F.K. (German) on the fees for German state television and radio broadcasting

CM-PE 638,806 FdR 1185172


Petition 0582/2018 by Lugiman Susanto (Indonesian) on a residence permit in France for a Dutch citizen and her Indonesian spouse

CM-PE 640,659 FdR 1187857


Petition 0594/2018 by Hartmut Backhaus (German) on health insurance when drawing a pension from different Member States

CM-PE 636,358 FdR 1179280


Petition 0615/2018 by Wolfgang Gerber (German) on the issuing and verification of Form A1 certificates

CM-PE 638,533 FdR 1182931


Petition 0666/2018 by Kai Herlemann (German) on the introduction of standardised plugs for portable computers

CM-PE 634,688 FdR 1175899


Petition 0688/2018 by J.B. (Dutch) on alleged excessive health insurance contributions on the pension of a Dutch citizen living in Belgium

CM-PE 638,606 FdR 1183607


Petition 0797/2018 by N.S. (British) on quality of cross-border healthcare

CM-PE 637,226 FdR 1182102


Petition 0867/2018 by Max Huhn (German) on verification of fair production standards for textile industry in non-EU countries

CM-PE 637,453 FdR 1181346


Petition 0830/2018 by Andrea Hegenbart (German) on adopting stricter EU legislation on combating climate change and increasing enforcement against non-compliant Member States

CM-PE 636,368 FdR 1179309


Petition 0948/2018 by E. F. (Portuguese) on the Funding of the “Horizon Europe” Programme

CM-PE 638,817 FdR 1185183


Petition 1146/2018 by Samuel Martin-Sosa (Spanish), on behalf of ‘Ecologistas en Acción’, on an industrial estate in Benaocaz, Grazalema

CM-PE 641,342 FdR 1189729


Petition 0020/2019 by Marco Bava (Italian) on banning the use of sewage sludge in agriculture in Europe

CM-PE 641,344 FdR 1189731


Petition 0057/2019 by I.W. (German) on the enforcement of airline liability under the Montreal Convention

CM-PE 641,345 FdR 1189733


Petition 0065/2019 by Vasilis Hadjievangelou (Cypriot), on behalf of the company Nefyana Estates Limited, on irregularities in the procedure of installing a wastewater treatment facility near the city of Limassol, Cyprus

CM-PE 640,636 FdR 1187640


Petition 0077/2019 by V.B. (Slovene), on behalf of ‘Alpe Adria Green’, on problems caused by pollution from a steel plant in the province of Trieste (Italy)

CM-PE 641,347 FdR 1189735


Petition 0104/2019 by Panagiotis Karapanagiotis (Greek) on toxic poisoning by a cross-polarizing substance Dotarem following a medical examination in Greece

CM-PE 639,901 FdR 1186760


Petition 0202/2019 by W.D. (German) on discrimination against German citizens in connection with Directive 2004/38/EC on freedom of movement

CM-PE 641,349 FdR 1189737


Petition 0216/2019 by F.C.R. (Spanish) on the poor rail connections in the province of Almeria.

CM-PE 641,203 FdR 1188854


Petition 0258/2019 by S. D. (British) on the creation of a new immigration committee in the EU

CM-PE 643,047 FdR 1191704


Petition 0310/2019 by Belén Moreno Solano (Spanish) on inequality by the Aragon health service towards a part of its workers

CM-PE 643,048 FdR 1191705

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Commissievergadering Europees Parlement


EP-Commissie Verzoekschriften (PETI)

Deze parlementaire commissie behandelt verzoekschriften die zijn ingediend door inwoners van de Europese Unie.

De commissie onderhoudt tevens contacten met de Europese Ombudsman.


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