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EU Introduction College, Amsterdam

datum 5 september 2019 20:00
plaats Amsterdam
locatie Crea Theater Toon locatie
zaal CREA theaterzaal
organisatie Stichting CREA

Every month SIB touches upon another, often hot, topic with interesting speakers. They have been able to welcome ministers and professors, politicians and scientists and many more. These lectures are often visited by both members and non-members as they are accessible to all.

This time, SIB organizes a lecture about the European Union in light of their upcoming introduction weekend for new and potential members to its capital, Brussels. The EU is getting increasingly more important in our daily lives. Not only are its competencies expanding, but also recent EU elections, their political outcome concerning the leadership of principal EU institutions, and the relations between the EU and its member states have been in the news and debated within society. One key debate, for instance, centers around the candidate-elect of the European Commission, Ms. Von der Leyen (who won from Frans Timmermans). Other hot topics are about the power of the EU institutions, Brexit and the challenges that Brussels faces with governments in, among others, Italy, Poland, and Hungary.

In this lecture, SIB will give an introduction to the European institutional framework, how EU institutions and agencies relate to one another, and how they deal(t) with essential developments in the past, present, and future. What are the different branches of government and how did they came into existence? How are EU institutions dealing with critical policy issues they face? And how do the member states relate to the (core) EU institutions in Brussels?

After the lecture there is an Q&A session with the speakers. The speakers will be announced in the event later.

Access is free if you have a valid student card. If you’re not a student anymore, you can visit the lecture for only 5 euros! You can pick up your ticket at the CREA desk.


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