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6th Network and Information Security Summer School 2019, Iraklion

Iraklion, Griekenland. De haven.
datum 16 september 2019 08:00 - 20 september 2019 19:00
plaats Iraklion, Griekenland
organisatie Europees Agentschap voor Netwerk- en Informatiebeveiliging (ENISA)

Τhe Security Challenges of Emerging Technologies refer to the security challenges and opportunities posed by new technologies. Examples hereto are Artificial Intelligence, Modern Network Infrastructures (i.e. 5G) , IoT applications, Machine Learning, etc.

ENISA is dedicated to promoting a culture of security in Europe that will improve the ability of EU Member States to respond to cyber-attacks. It does so, by pursuing a strategy of mitigating risks through awareness, studies, reports and position papers on current NIS matters. Towards this objective, ENISA and FORTH, a research institute devoted to advancing the State-of-the-Art in ICT, bring together to this Summer School a distinguished faculty from around the world with the purpose to identify current trends, threats and opportunities against the background of recent advances on NIS measures and policies.

Recognising the multi-dimensional facets and intricacies causing changes in the information risks landscape, an array of lectures will cover a variety of key aspects on policy, economic, legal and research matters. The audience includes policy makers from EU Member States and EU Institutions, decision makers from industry and members of the academic community.

By going through a natural evolution cycle, but also by adopting current trends in networking and exchange of knowledge, this year’s Summer School aims at increasing interaction among participants. Targeted breakout sessions will enhance dialogue and exchange of ideas, while cutting edge security issues will be collected before the event through publicly accessible fora and will be channelled to the discussions. Wrap-ups of these interactive sessions will be worked out and distributed during the event.




Europees Agentschap voor Netwerk- en Informatiebeveiliging (ENISA)

ENISA is het Europees agentschap voor netwerk- en informatiebeveiliging. Dit agentschap heeft als doel de maatschappij te beschermen tegen misbruik van communicatienetwerken. Het agentschap werd in 2004 opgericht met een tijdelijk mandaat. In 2019 is het, vanwege de steeds groter wordende dreiging van 'cyberwarfare' en het belang van internetveiligheid, omgezet naar een permanent mandaat.


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