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Public stakeholder workshop on the studies: 'User needs in the postal sector' and 'International postal services, remuneration and regulation', Brussel

Atomium in Brussel.
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 17 september 2019
plaats Brussel, België
locatie Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 75, 1040 Toon locatie
organisatie Directoraat-generaal Interne Markt, Industrie, Ondernemerschap en Midden- en Kleinbedrijf (GROW)

Start date : 17/09/2019

End date : 17/09/2019


Thon Hotel EU, Brussels, Belgium

European Commission,

Business, Transport and travel,

  • Events/Conf/Fairs

Stakeholders are invited to a 1-day workshop hosted by the European Commission. This will be an opportunity to see the draft final results of the study, 'User needs in the postal sector', which contributes to the evaluation of the postal services directive, and to see the first steps of the new study, 'International postal services, remuneration and regulation'.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about, and discuss:

  • present and future needs of postal users, and the possible future role of postal universal services
  • evaluation of the functioning of the postal services directive
  • the geographic and logistics impact of the growth of global e-commerce for postal services
  • the impact of the current system of Universal Postal Union (UPU) remuneration on the market for postal services, especially for e-commerce items

Attendees will be able to exchange opinions on these important developments and share views on the way forward.


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Directoraat-generaal Interne Markt, Industrie, Ondernemerschap en Midden- en Kleinbedrijf (GROW)

Dit directoraat-generaal is verantwoordelijk voor het beleid van de interne markt, het industriële beleid en het beleid omtrent het midden- en kleinbedrijf. Ook is het directoraat-generaal betrokken bij de twee ruimte-programma's van de EU, Copernicus en Galileo. Dit zal de technologische innovatie en economische groei in de EU stimuleren.


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