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Conference EU Agencies as ‘Inbetweeners’? The Relationship between EU Agencies and Member States, Maastricht

© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen / PDC
datum 4 december 2019
plaats Maastricht
locatie Ruiterij 1 6221 EW Toon locatie
organisatie Universiteit Maastricht (UM)

This two-day conference discusses the relationship between EU agencies and Member States. EU agencies are by their very nature, ‘interesting hybrids’, as they are institutionally, linked both with the EU institutions and the Member States and substantively, in their multiple tasks. Questions rise as to how the relation between EU agencies and Member States is shaped, which ultimately is of interest to the conceptual understanding of the EU’s shared or integrated administration. Questions, for example, arise as to how EU agencies operate in practice, together with the national authorities; in the field of migration for example, where the European Coastal and Border agency Frontex closely collaborates with the Greek authorities dealing the migrants coming into the EU borders. How are decisions being made and shared and who is made responsible? The conference is divided is six panels dealing with more conceptual understandings of the relationship between EU agencies and Member States, their relation in practice in the fields, of migration & data protection, banking & energy, aviation & fisheries, and issues of political and judicial accountability.


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