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Horizon2020 "Space": International information day & brokerage event, Praag

Praag, Tsjechië
© Anton Bussemaker
datum 12 september 2019 - 13 september 2019
plaats Praag, Tsjechië
locatie GSA, Prague, Czechia Toon locatie
organisatie Uitvoerend Agentschap voor kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen (EASME)

On 12 and 13 September 2019 the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (GSA) and the H2020 Space NCP Network (COSMOS2020plus) will organize the Horizon 2020 Space Information Day and Brokerage Event in Prague, Czech Republic. During the event Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) workshop will also take place.

The aim of the event is to present the funding opportunities in Horizon 2020 Space and to provide first-hand information on the last Horizon 2020 Space Calls with a special focus on EGNSS/GALILEO Call. The participants will have the opportunity to be informed and discuss with the authors of the Space Work Programme 2020 and learn from their hints and tips on H2020 proposal writing. Since the next EU Framework Programme Horizon Europe is already under development some early information will be also provided. In addition, the participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about the brand new topic on EGNSS applications for public authorities.

Why to participate:

  • to get an idea of the next EU Framework Programme - Horizon Europe
  • to learn about Space opportunities in the last Call H2020 with special focus on EGNSS
  • to get to know the brand new topic on EGNSS applications for public authorities within Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe
  • to get an overview of Galileo Programme and its state of play
  • to meet potential partners for the last H2020 Space Calls

Target group:

Public Authorities



Research Institutes

other organisations


PCP and EGNSS: the public procurements pilot

Deep Dive on 5th H2020 EGNSS downstream applications call

EGNSS upstream: Mission, Services, Technology and Infrastructure Space business, entrepreneurship, outreach and education

Join this early opportunity to learn about the H2020 Space Calls 2020, meet inspired and motivated people and develop ideas for future projects!

Participation is free of charge; please register here: https://h2020-space-information-day.b2match.io/



Uitvoerend Agentschap voor kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen (EASME)

Dit agentschap van de Europese Unie is belast met het verstrekken van Europese subsidies en het faciliteren van projecten binnen verschillende EU-programma's. EASME beheert onder meer een groot deel van het programma voor het Concurrentievermogen van ondernemingen en MKB (COSME), een gedeelte van het Horizon 2020-programma en het financieringsinstrument voor het milieu (LIFE).

Het agentschap vervangt sinds 2014 het Uitvoerend Agentschap voor Concurrentievermogen en Innovatie (EACI).


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