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Postponed: AUTOTRAC 2020 - How the future road transport will look like?, Ispra

Ispra, Italië
datum 5 oktober 2020 - 7 oktober 2020
plaats Ispra, Italië
locatie Ispra, Italy Toon locatie
organisatie Europese Commissie (EC)

Come and help us shaping the future of road transport!

JRC AUTOTRAC 2020 is the first autonomous vehicle traffic competition.

Differently from other competitions involving small-scale automated vehicles (AVs), AUTOTRAC is about vehicles’ cooperation behavior rather than their individual capacity to complete a certain path.

If you have a team of people able to build a fleet of cooperative, automated, small-scale vehicles (CAVs), submit an application to participate.


Please follow the instructions (PDF) and register online.

Deadline: 30 September 2019 (23:59 CET).

By confirming their participation, the teams will agree with the terms and conditions of the competitions and send a photo of the team and/or of the available robots to be published on promotional material (e.g. web page).


The main pillars of the AUTOTRAC initiative are promotion of

  • cooperation between AVs,
  • more efficient energy consumption and the
  • reasonable utilisation of the transport network.

AUTOTRAC 2020 want to find out if

  • CAVs capable to do a better utilisation of the network.
  • Can deliver less congestion, safer and greener mobility.

Participants and organisation

AUTOTRAC is open to teams of students, universities, research centers, makers’ communities, and private companies.

Each team participates with a fleet of four small-scale AVs that should demonstrate

  • efficiency in automated driving and
  • cooperation for better network utilization.

The application shall contain a

  • short motivation to participate to AUTOTRAC,
  • list of past competitions attended and the results achieved,
  • link to a web page where the team can show via videos and other material its technical capacity.

On the basis of the applications received, a group of JRC experts will select the best 12 teams that will be invited to take part to the competition.

Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses will be available to a selected number of teams.

No admission fee is foreseen.


European Commission - Joint Research Centre

Via Enrico Fermi, 2749

I - 21027 Ispra (VA) Italia


For further questions about JRC AUTOTRAC 2020 please email JRC-AUTOTRAC@ec.europa.eu



Europese Commissie (EC)

Deze instelling van de Europese Unie kan worden beschouwd als het 'dagelijks bestuur' van de EU. De leden van de Europese Commissie worden 'Eurocommissarissen' genoemd. Elke Eurocommissaris is verantwoordelijk voor één of meerdere beleidsgebieden. Momenteel zijn er 27 Eurocommissarissen, voor elke lidstaat één. Samen vormen zij het college van Eurocommissarissen. De Eurocommissarissen moeten het belang van de Europese Unie als geheel behartigen, niet dat van hun eigen land.

De Europese Commissie mag als enige EU-instelling wetsvoorstellen indienen; zij heeft het zogenaamde recht van initatief. Daarnaast controleert de Commissie of de Europese wetgeving juist wordt toegepast in de lidstaten, onderhandelt zij in internationale organisaties als de Wereldhandelsorganisatie (WTO) over de handel van de Unie met het 'buitenland' en is zij verantwoordelijk voor het beheer van de Europese begroting van ongeveer 140 miljard euro per jaar.


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