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Venezuelan Crisis, Amsterdam

datum 17 juni 2019 20:00 - 22:00
plaats Amsterdam
locatie Crea Theater Toon locatie
zaal CREA muziekzaal
organisatie Stichting CREA

On the 17th of June, SIB will organize the last masterclass of the academic year with an open bar in the Muziekzaal of CREA! Every time SIB touches upon another, often hot topic with interesting speakers. These masterclasses are more in-depth than SIB lectures and on a smaller scale. This way, speakers can go more into detail and you are able to ask more questions than during a regular lecture.

After the revolution started by the previous President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, the country has centralized its economic and political dimensions. Now, Venezuela is led by President Nicolas Maduro. Under the Maduro Administration, the country has experienced a worsening macroeconomic situation with hyperinflation being the most urgent issue as a result of falling global oil prices. Furthermore, the political and economic troubles led to hunger, disease, and social unrest that divided the country into two rival governments.

While Venezuela holds the highest proven oil reserves, the country’s natural resources are not able to provide for some economic prosperity. In fact, the volatile oil prices were a catalysator of the economic turbulence and social unrest. During this masterclass, we are diving into the questions of how such an oil-rich country is unable to provide basic needs for its citizens. Furthermore, while supporters of the Maduro government blame the international community for sanctioning Venezuela, critics blame corruption and economic mismanagement. But who is responsible for the situation? Lastly, what is the effect of the political divide and what will be the outcome? These are the main questions that we want to ask our speaker.

Please note, we have a maximum amount of people who can join this masterclass. Therefore, we kindly ask you to sign up. The form to do so will be published soon.

We hope to see you on the 17th!

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