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ENISA workshop on interdependencies between operators of essential services and digital service providers, Brussel

Atomium in Brussel.
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 25 juni 2019 09:00 - 17:00
plaats Brussel, België
locatie Metropole Hotel, Brussels, Belgium Toon locatie
organisatie Europees Agentschap voor Netwerk- en Informatiebeveiliging (ENISA)

The aim of the workshop is to present, analyse and discuss two bidirectional interdependency scenarios with potentially adverse effects: (i) a scenario between the power sector and the telecommunications sector and (ii) a scenario between financial institutions and DSPs.

The digitalization of modern OES has augmented their capabilities and provided utility and efficiency. Still, the adjoined reliance on external services creates inter-sector dependencies that introduce novel threat vectors with potentially serious impact on the provision of essential services.

This one-day event will focus on tangible interdependency scenarios with potentially adverse effects. Two bidirectional interdependency scenarios will be presented and discussed in the two break - out sessions of the workshop:

  • a clock synchronization attack on the telecommunications infrastructure of the power sector and
  • an attack on financial subsystems provided as cloud services to clients and retail providers.

The workshops will actively engage participants in assessing and analysing the security aspects of the scenarios.

Target Audience

The target audience includes:

  • IT Security experts
  • National Regulatory Authorities

from the Energy, Finance and Telecommunication sectors along with representatives from Digital Service Providers.


The workshop’s agenda can be found here.


Registration for the workshop is free-of-charge, mandatory and subject to space availability. Registrations are now closed.

Privacy Policy

The data protection notice is available here.



Europees Agentschap voor Netwerk- en Informatiebeveiliging (ENISA)

Dit agentschap heeft als doel de maatschappij te beschermen tegen misbruik van communicatienetwerken. Hiervoor wil het de netwerk- en informatiebeveiliging op een hoog niveau brengen. Het agentschap is operationeel sinds 2004.


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