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Europe's Future: Where next for EU institutional Reform?, Brussel

Altiero Spinelli-gebouw (ASP) in Brussel
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 16 mei 2019 13:30
plaats Brussel, België
locatie Altiero Spinelli (ASP) Toon locatie
organisatie European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

In this latest EPRS Book Talk, the last of this parliamentary term, Professor Sergio Fabbrini of LUISS University in Rome discusses the main propositions in his new book, 'Europe's Future: Decoupling and Reforming' (2019). This argues that the EU should 'decouple' into a wider 'economic community' and a narrower 'political union', based on the eurozone an explicit federal principles. He will be in conversation with Klaus Welle, Secretary General of the EP.

Location: Library Reading Room, Altiero Spinelli Building, fifth floor

Last updated: 02-05-2019


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