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Call for tenders for the future Pan-European Secure Network

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op woensdag 17 april 2019.

DG Informatics of the European Commission will soon launch its restricted public call for tenders seeking providers for its future EU- secured Pan-European backbone network project supporting the European Commission's Digital Strategy.

The Commission aims to select providers for the provision of its secure and highly available pan-European network infrastructure covering the Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administrations (TESTA).

The estimated publication date of the contract notice is 26 April 2019.

The Prior Information Notice has recently been published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU (OJ/S S66 - 153243-2019-EN). As stated in said notice, the total value of this contract is estimated to be EUR 423 million.

TESTA is the foundation, the key enabler and a major contributor for providing digital services for European public administrations, European Institutions and Agencies.


The current TESTA (TESTA-ng) is the natural successor to the initial TESTA, TESTA II and sTESTA networks developed respectively under the IDA, IDABC, ISA and now the ISA² Programme.

For more than 20 years, TESTA has been offering a managed, reliable and secured a European backbone network on top of which European and National administrations can build pan-European eGovernment services, irrespective of the policy area in which they are involved.

TESTA connects more than 750 public entities in the EU and beyond and is meant for sensitive pan-European information exchanges between public authorities requiring guaranteed service levels for network availability, performance and/or security (confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability). The current TESTA infrastructure has been set up to be subject to a security accreditation process allowing for the exchange of EU classified information, the personnel assigned to operate the TESTA services have a minimum security clearance of National Confidential. The network is operated by DG Informatics of the European Commission separately from the Internet.

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