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Mariya Gabriel in Strasbourg, France

Westfaçade van de Kathedraal Notre-Dame in Straatsburg
Wikimedia/Thomas Bresson
datum 16 april 2019
plaats Straatsburg, Frankrijk
aanwezigen M.I. (Mariya) Gabriel e.a.

Mariya Gabriel in Strasbourg, France: meets with Professor Geneviève Almouzni and Professor Nikolaus Rajewsky, coordinators of the LifeTime Initiative'; speaks at the launch of the beta version of the online directory of European films and meets with Radu Mihaileanu, film director and President of the Association of French Film Directors, Writers and Producers (ARP); meets with Chiara Corazza, CEO of the Women's forum for the economy and society; and launches the DigitalRespect4Her campaign.


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