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[Conference] Lessons from the past, dilemmas of the present and challenges for the future: What is an 'effective CT strategy?, Den Haag

Logo Asser Instituut
datum 16 mei 2019 - 17 mei 2019
plaats Den Haag
locatie R.J. Schimmelpennincklaan 20-22 2517 JN The Hague Netherlands Toon locatie
organisatie T.M.C. Asser Instituut

About the event

In the aftermath of events such as 9/11 (US), 7/7 (UK), 13/11 (Paris) and similar others, states have persistently sought to adapt their counter-terrorism toolkit to the, perceived as unprecedented, threat of terrorism. Domestically, certain European states have engaged in what has been regularly described as counter-terrorism ‘legislative fever’. Simultaneously, counter-terrorism and security strategies were fervently updated to respond more effectively to the threat of terrorism - both domestically and at the regional level. The swiftness in adopting and/or updating counter-terrorism measures and strategies has, however, left limited time to engage in reflection and evaluation of what makes a counter-terrorism measure or strategy effective.

On 16 and 17 May 2019, the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism - The Hague (ICCT - The Hague) with the support of the T.M.C. Asser Institute intends to engage in such critical examination in a conference on ‘Lessons from the Past, Dilemmas of the Present and Challenges for the Future: What is an ‘Effective’ Counter-Terrorism Strategy?’. The idea behind the event and the individual sessions is to reflect on various aspects of domestic and regional counter-terrorism policies, what lessons we can learn from them going forward and the bad practices to avoid for the present and future. Each individual session will feature 3 speakers and allow time for interactive discussions. Speakers from multi-disciplinary backgrounds will reflect on the following pressing issues:

Countering Extremism: Freedom of Speech vs. Incitement to Terrorism (regional ECHR and EU obligations);

The Use of Immigration Powers such as Deprivation of Nationality in Counter-Terrorism;

Lessons to be learnt from ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland and the US War on Terror;

The Importance of Databases and Quantitative Methods in Counter-Terrorism

Identifying and Distinguishing between Radicalisation and Extremism;

Countering the Enduring Issues in the Study of Terrorism;

The Role of Communities and NGOs in CT and CVE;

Combatting Extreme and Radical Narratives Online.

The Opening Keynote on ‘What is Terrorism? What is Extremism? - Lessons from the Past’ will be provided by Professor Isabelle Duyvesteyn (Leiden University).The Closing Keynote will be provided by Renske van der Veer, Director of the International Centre of Counter-Terrorism (ICCT-The Hague).

Confirmed panel speakers include:

Professor Emeritus Tom Hadden (Queen’s University Belfast)

Professor Helen Duffy (Leiden University)

Dr Bart Schuurman (Leiden University / ICCT - The Hague)

Dr Devyani Prabhat (Bristol University)

Dr Laura van Waas (Tilburg University / Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion)

Dr Marloes van Noorloos (Tilberg University)

Dr Rumyana van Ark (Asser Institute / ICCT - The Hague)

Claire van Dyck (De Limberger / co-author of “Sultan en De Lokroep van de Jihad”)

Tehmina Kazi (Restorative Justice Officer, Why me? Charity)

Tanya Mehra, LLM (ICCT - The Hague)

Faisal Khan, LLM (ICCT - The Hague)

Reinier Bergema (ICCT - The Hague)

The conference is fully booked. If you would like to join, please send an email to conferencemanager@asser.nl with your motivation and your professional connection to counter terrorism. If there are cancellations, our event manager will contact you.

If you are a PhD candidate, a student, a national and international expert, a member of the security services, a policy maker or a practitioner currently working in the field of counter-terrorism or aiming to, this conference is an excellent opportunity to engage comprehensively and interactively with the ever-evolving field of counter-terrorism and counter-extremism.



T.M.C. Asser Instituut

Dit Nederlandse kennis- en onderzoekscentrum is gespecialiseerd in internationaal privaat- en publiekrecht, Europees recht en internationale handelsarbitrage. Het T.M.C. Asser Instituut is opgericht in 1965 en is gelieerd aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Het instituut heeft als doel om wetenschappelijk onderzoek en postgraduate onderwijs activiteiten te stimuleren en te organiseren waarbij kennis van het internationale recht versterkt wordt. Daarnaast wil het instituut de positie van Den Haag als City of Justice, Peace and Security versterken.

Naast fundamenteel wetenschappelijk onderzoek, legt het instituut zich toe op contract-onderzoek en advieswerkzaamheden. Dit consultancy maatwerk varieert van het vinden van (ad hoc) oplossingen voor kleinere juridische vraagstukken tot de coördinatie en/of uitvoer van langlopende structurele (onderzoeks)projecten. Tot de opdrachtgevers behoren o.a. de Europese Unie, nationale overheden, internationale organisaties en advocatenkantoren.


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