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Informal reunion of the EU Finance ministers, 5-6 April, Bucharest - arrivals and doorsteps

Met dank overgenomen van Roemeens voorzitterschap Europese Unie 1e helft 2019 (Roemeens voorzitterschap), gepubliceerd op vrijdag 5 april 2019.

Orlando TEODOROVICI, Romanian minister of finance

Pierre MOSCOVICI, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs

Olaf SCHOLZ, German Federal Minister of Finance

Bruno LE MAIRE, French Minister of Finance

In the context of the Romania’s mandate at the Presidency of the EU Council, an informal reunion of the EU Finance ministers will be held in Bucharest, in April 5-6, 2019 at the Palace of the Parliament.

The two-day event will start with the usual Eurogroup (EG) and Eurogroup+ (EG+) meetings, scheduled for 9:00, respectively 10:30, on Friday morning April 5. The EG+ meeting will cover two subjects: features of the budgetary instrument for convergence and competitiveness - focus on governance aspects and the roadmap for beginning political discussions on EDIS.

Later in the day, The EU Finance ministers, joined by the Governors of Central Banks from EU Member States, will tackle topics like priorities for the next institutional cycle and the way forward for the Capital Markets Union. As a inovative Presidency, Romania decided to invite three representatives of the european social partners at the debate.

The agenda of the second day of the Informal Ecofin, Saturday 6 April, would not be lighter either, as it covers topics from workforce mobility in the EU, taxation issues, to common EU positions for the Washington G20 and IMF meetings.

Video: Arrivals and dorrsteps

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