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The Future of European Integration, Amsterdam

datum 25 april 2019 20:00
plaats Amsterdam
locatie Crea Theater Toon locatie
zaal CREA theaterzaal
organisatie Stichting CREA

Deliberative Democracy in Practice: The Future of European Integration

What is the role of our social and political agency in the European Union? How can we collectively contribute to shaping Europe’s future? And most importantly - what kind of Europe do we want future generations to grow up in? We want to take a long-term view before the European elections.

This evening will offer an exceptional opportunity of deliberative democracy. We feel honoured that a leading and brilliant commentator, Catherine De Vries, will be joining us to offer vital insights from her recent book “Euroscepticism and the Future of European Integration”. As a political scientists, she unravels some of the most important challenges facing the European continent today! She published books, academic articles, blogs and commentary on Euroscepticism and the European Union, political change in Europe and the rise of challenger parties, political corruption, as well as remittances and migration. She also set up a platform understand contours in public opinion in Europe together with the Bertelsman Foundation. Catherine will establish some common grounds and answer burning questions before we embark on our heated discussion.

Let us create a momentous European public discourse and make use of our political agency to shape Europe’s future! See you there!


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