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China's Growing Role In The World: Views From Europe And Japan, Den Haag

Ridderzaal in Den Haag
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 15 maart 2019 09:30 - 12:15
plaats Den Haag
locatie Clingendael Toon locatie
organisatie Instituut Clingendael

Te full photostream of this Expert Roundtable can be viewed here.

China has risen to one of the most important economic players in the international arena without fully integrating itself into the existing liberal international order. This poses challenges to both the EU (including the Netherlands) and ‘like-minded’ countries in China’s backyard, such as Japan. While both attempt to engage China, the call for ‘like-minded’ partnerships to address common concerns related to China, including President Xi Jinping's stronghold, grows stronger.

In this expert roundtable, the views of Japan and the Netherlands/EU were discussed with regards to Xi Jinping’s course of action. To what extent do the Netherlands/EU and Japan share views, approaches and objectives in relation to China? How can Xi Jinping’s actions and growing stronghold interpreted? What are the possibilities for coordinated cooperation between the EU/the Netherlands and Japan, and what concrete steps can be taken towards this end?

This roundtable brought together a select group of experts, policymakers and other stakeholders to discuss these topics in their Dutch, broader European, and Japanese contexts.


  • Tomoki Kamo (Professor of Policy Management, Keio University of Tokyo)
  • Frans-Paul van der Putten (Senior Research Fellow, the Clingendael Institute)
  • Esther van Damme (Policy Coordinator, Asia Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands)

Moderator: Maaike Okano-Heijmans (Senior Research Fellow, the Clingendael Institute)


  • 9:30: Registration, tea/coffee
  • 10:00-11:00: China’s new global posture: How are the Netherlands, Europe and Japan coping?
  • 11:00-11:15: Break
  • 11:15-12:15: Will the new flagbearer(s) of multilateralism stand up, please? A renewed partnership between NL/EU and Japan
  • 12:15: Closure

This roundtable was held under the Chatham House Rule.



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