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Expert workshop: Storytelling as a communication tool in the energy/transport/climate domain, Amsterdam

datum 21 februari 2019 - 22 februari 2019
plaats Amsterdam
organisatie Gemeenschappelijk Centrum voor Onderzoek (JRC)

Collaborative working, transparency and information sharing is a key priority of today's Commission. At the Joint Research Centre, we are exploring many innovative communication tools from virtual reality to infographics, and interactive visitors centres to short films via social media. The aim is to inform, and make knowledge relevant in order to put citizens at the centre of European policy. One such powerful tool is Storytelling.


We live in a world of a super-abundance of knowledge from sources of variable quality, where complexity has increased exponentially, trust in authorities has diminished and "post-fact" politics appears to be on the rise. Citizens often find it difficult to understand the science behind- and the relevance of- energy, climate, and transport to our everyday lives. The gap between scientists and non-scientists is still increasing, and people often do not understand why specific policy decision-making processes are taking place.

This raises new challenges for policymakers and the scientists who want to provide evidence. To have a policy impact, science needs to move from an arms-length, one-shot, fragmented delivery of knowledge towards an iterative, collaborative, holistic approach. This means new skills, and tools: visualisation, research synthesis, knowledge management and community facilitation, citizen/society/stakeholder engagement, etc.

Storytelling at #EUSEW18

Following the success of the workshop on Energy Storytelling at #EUSEW18, a follow up expert workshop has been organised in-order to brainstorm the next steps towards Storytelling in the energy, transport and climate domains will take place on the 21st -22nd February 2019 in Amsterdam.

The workshop can be attended by invitation only. For more information, contact JRC-PTT-INFO@ec.europa.eu



Gemeenschappelijk Centrum voor Onderzoek (JRC)

De taak van dit directoraat-generaal is om klantgerichte wetenschappelijke en technische steun te leveren voor de ontwikkeling, de implementatie en de controle van het beleid van de Europese Unie. Als dienst van de Europese Commissie functioneert het als onafhankelijk centrum van wetenschap en technologie. Het geeft ook advies aan de Raad, het Europees Parlement en aan lidstaten.


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