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Yvote: what the EU can do for you!, Amsterdam

datum 27 februari 2019 19:00
plaats Amsterdam
locatie Crea Theater Toon locatie
zaal CREA theaterzaal
organisatie Stichting CREA

Do you feel like the European Union has no impact on you and your vote has no impact on European politics?

On February 27 the student association AEGEE organizes an interactive discussion night on the impact that the European Union has on the citizens of Amsterdam. We will start with a workshop about ‘active participation’: why is it important that we as young citizens actively use our European voting right?

There will also be a short presentation about the functioning of the EU and the influence it has on Amsterdam. Experts in the field of local politics will share their opinions and views on these topics. Afterwards, you can continue the discussion and discover what part of EU politics is important for you personally.


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