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G20 summit in Osaka, Japan

datum 28 juni 2019 - 29 juni 2019
plaats Osaka, Japan
aanwezigen D.F. (Donald) Tusk e.a.

Agenda highlights

G20 leaders will meet in Osaka on 28-29 June as Japan holds the G20 presidency for the first time.

President Donald Tusk will represent the EU at the summit along with the President of the European Commission.

Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, will host the summit.

About the Japanese G20 presidency

During the G20 presidency, Japan will focus on several priorities such as :

  • economic growth and the reduction of inequalities
  • quality infrastructure and health
  • global issues such as climate change and ocean plastic waste
  • the digital economy
  • challenges of aging societies

The previous G20 summit took place in Buenos Aires in 2018:


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