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Music Moves Europe - opportunities and challenges of the music sector in the digital age, Boekarest

Regeringsgebouw/oude paleis van Ceausescu in Boekarest, Roemenië
datum 20 juni 2019 09:00 - 21 juni 2019 18:00
plaats Boekarest, Roemenië
locatie National Library of Romania, 22 Unirii boulevard, Bucharest, 030833, Romania Toon locatie
organisatie Raad van de Europese Unie (Raad)

The event is organised by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity - Project Management Unit\, in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It will consist in a workshop on copyright in the music sector (20 June) and a conference connected to the policy pillar of the Music Moves Europe initiative (21 June). The reunion is organised back-to-back with another RO PRES conference starting on 19 June\, New Challenges regarding Copyright in the Digital Single Market\, with which it shares the common workshop.

In the context of the Music Moves Europe overarching framework for EU’s strategic actions in support of the sector\, the European Commission launched a dialogue with the music industry in 2015. With the new Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022\, the Council of the EU also decided to focus on Member States’ cooperation in the field of music. This conference aims at bringing together all sides thereby contributing to a better understanding about the music sector and the challenges it faces\, and a closer collaboration with the policy level\, with the ultimate goal to enhance European musical diversity and the competitiveness of Europe’s music sector.

RO PRES 2019 will work towards identifying transferrable best practices in terms of public intervention for the music sector and suitable policy measures at national level. We will discuss topical subjects for the music sector of relevance for public policy making in the EU and its Member States\, such as: music festivals and urban development\, the promotion of European musical diversity\, the level playing field in the sector\, the cross-border circulation of music\, the entrepreneurial dimension of the industry. The focus of this event will be the developments in the music sector and the related policy initiatives at Member States and EU levels.

The event will take place in Aula room of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity (no 22 Unirii Blvd\, Bucharest). The draft agenda is available here.

Participants attending the meeting are kindly requested to complete the registration by 14 June\, using this link.

The journalists’ access to the event is exclusively based on the accreditation made on the RO PRES website\, using this link. Badges will be handed at the conference venue.

For additional details\, you can contact us by phone at +4021 316 60 61 and +4021 224 36 82 or by e-mail at: bianca.floarea@europa-creativa.eu\, sorin.enus@europa-creativa.eu\, miruna.dicu@cultura.ro.



Raad van de Europese Unie (Raad)

In deze instelling van de Europese Unie (kortweg 'de Raad van Ministers' of nog korter 'de Raad' genoemd) zijn de regeringen van de 27 lidstaten van de EU vertegenwoordigd. De Raad oefent samen met het Europees Parlement de wetgevings- en begrotingstaak uit. Dit houdt in dat de Raad zijn goedkeuring moet geven aan elk wetsvoorstel van de Europese Commissie en aan elke voorgestelde EU-begroting. Nationale regeringen kunnen dus via de Raad invloed uitoefenen in de EU. De Raad neemt ook beslissingen over het buitenlands- en veiligheidsbeleid.


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