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International matchmaking event on life sciences "Life-on-Chip", Leuven

Leuven, universiteit
datum 22 februari 2019
plaats Leuven, België
organisatie Uitvoerend Agentschap voor kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen (EASME)

The Life Sciences community in Flanders invites international researchers and companies for a unique event stimulating innovation cross-overs between medical technologies, biotechnologies and regenerative medicine.

The Enterprise Europe Network Flanders supports this unique event and organizes a B2B along this conference. The matchmaking is intended for Business-to-Business, as well as for Science-to-Business.

The conference focuses on the cross-fertilization potential between semiconductor technologies, micro/nano-electronics, microsystems and microfluidics, in-vitro diagnostics, biotech markers, bioassays and cell interactions, bio-informatics and data analytics, single cell diagnostics, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and 3D printing leading to a new class of in-vitro diagnostics devices and point-of-care devices. They can be used for novel healthcare solutions in personalized medicine, e.g. by developing innovative diagnostics - therapeutics combinations. Looking further ahead in the future, new functionalities can be added by also inserting living cell structures into these diagnostics devices.

Researchers and companies in Flanders play a leading role in these domains and are looking forward to joining forces with European partners that are equally innovative and groundbreaking.

Our ambition is to bring together international players active in this cross-disciplinary domain, and to help and stimulate them to do business and to set-up new partnerships for cooperative R&D projects. In a nutshell, to speed up the innovation process towards new healthcare solutions!



Uitvoerend Agentschap voor kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen (EASME)

Dit agentschap van de Europese Unie is belast met het verstrekken van Europese subsidies en het faciliteren van projecten binnen verschillende EU-programma's. EASME beheert onder meer een groot deel van het programma voor het Concurrentievermogen van ondernemingen en MKB (COSME), een gedeelte van het Horizon 2020-programma en het financieringsinstrument voor het milieu (LIFE).

Het agentschap vervangt sinds 2014 het Uitvoerend Agentschap voor Concurrentievermogen en Innovatie (EACI).


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