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Symposium on “Digital transformation: Is it an evolution or a revolution?”, Leuven

Leuven, universiteit
datum 11 december 2018
plaats Leuven, België
organisatie Directoraat-generaal Informatica (DIGIT)

The KU Leuven Public Governance Institute is organizing a symposium on “Digital transformation: Is it an evolution or a revolution?”.

The symposium will take place on Tuesday 11 December, starting at 9.00 and finishing at 16.15.

Digital transformation is considered to be the next step in the digital evolution, and can be considered to come after the e-government stage. It refers to the growing impact of technology and digitalization on the administration, citizens, companies, organizations and society as a whole. Different speakers with an administrative, academic and private sector background will present their views on this topic.


9:45 Current state of the art / development of Digital Transformation in the EU

Adrian Dusa, Deputy Head of Interoperability Unit, DG Informatics, European Commission

The event will be held in Dutch, except the presentation of Adrian Dusa.

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Tuesday, 11 December, 2018 - 16:45


Leuven, Belgium

ISA² participation


Directoraat-generaal Informatica (DIGIT)

Dit directoraat-generaal heeft een coördinerende rol bij de ontwikkeling van informatie- en communicatietechnologieën. Het DG ontwikkelt innovatieve hulpmiddelen en oplossingen die de Europese Commissie in staat stellen haar doelstellingen sneller te bereiken en op een efficiënte manier Europees beleid te ontwikkelen voor overheden, burgers en bedrijven in Europa.


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