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RAAD VAN DE EUROPESE UNIE (Vervoer, Telecommunicatie en Energie), Brussel

Atomium in Brussel.
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 19 december 2018
plaats Brussel, België
organisatie Raad Vervoer, Telecommunicatie en Energie (TTE)

Council of the European Union

Brussels, 17 December 2018 (OR. en)

15224/18 OJ CONS 74


ENER 425


COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION (Transport, Telecommunications and Energy)

Europa building, Brussels

19 December 2018 (10.00)

  • 1. 
    Adoption of the agenda
  • 2. 
    Approval of "A" items

    Non-legislative list 15306/18

Legislative deliberations

(Public deliberation in accordance with Article 16(8) of the Treaty on European Union)

  • 3. 
    Clean Energy Package
    • a) 
      Regulation on governance of the Energy Union 15090/1/16 REV1 b) Directive on energy efficiency + ADD 1 REV 1 c) Directive on renewable energy (recast) 15091/16 + ADD 1 d) Regulation on electricity (recast) 15120/1/16 REV1 e) Directive on electricity (recast) + ADD 1 REV 1 f) Regulation on risk-preparedness in the electricity sector 15135/1/16 REV 1 g) Regulation on ACER (recast) + ADD 1 REV 1 Oral report from the Presidency on the state of play 15150/1/16 REV 1 + ADD 1 REV 1 15151/16 + ADD 1 15149/1/16 REV 1 + ADD 1 REV 1
  • 4. 
    Regulation on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) 9951/18 + COR 1

Oral report from the Presidency on the state of play + ADD 3

Non-legislative activities

  • 5. 
    Clean Planet for all: Strategic long-term vision for a climate 15140/18 neutral economy 15011/18 Presentation by the Commission and exchange of views

Any other business

  • 6. 
    a) Follow-up on the "Hydrogen Initiative" launched at the 15030/18

    Informal Meeting of Energy Ministers (Linz, 17-18 September 2018) Information from the Presidency and the Commission

    • b) 
      Current legislative proposal (Public deliberation in accordance with Article 16(8) of the Treaty on European Union)

      Revision of the Gas Directive 15029/18

      Information from the Presidency 14204/17

    • c) 
      European leadership in renewables: The state of marine 14954/18 energy

      Information from the Commission

    • d) 
      Recent developments in the field of external energy 14973/18 relations

      Information from the Commission

    • e) 
      2019 election of the next International Renewable Energy 15032/18 Agency (IRENA) General Director

      Information from the Italian delegation

    • f) 
      Work programme of the incoming Presidency 14967/18 Information from the Romanian delegation

    First reading

    Item based on a Commission proposal


Officiële agenda




Raad Vervoer, Telecommunicatie en Energie (TTE)

De raadsformatie Vervoer, Telecommunicatie en Energie bestaat uit de ministers (of staatssecretarissen) van verkeer, energiebeleid, telecommunicatie en/of economische zaken van de lidstaten van de Europese Unie. De ministers van vervoer komen gewoonlijk 4 keer per jaar bijeen, de ministers van energie 3 of 4 keer per jaar en de ministers van telecommunicatie 2 maal per jaar. Ook informele bijeenkomsten zijn mogelijk.


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