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Monitoring workshop for Natura 2000 sites, Nederland

datum 18 april 2018 - 20 april 2018
plaats Nederland
organisatie Directoraat-generaal Milieu (ENV)

Eurosite is organising a Natural Climate Buffers Study Tour on 18-20 April in the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Dutch Coalition for Natural Climate Buffers.

The Study Tour is part of a larger Climate Buffer Coalition programme financed by the LIFE Integrated Project DELTA Nature. It is also partly financed by the Eurosite LIFE NGO operating grant.

It offers a unique opportunity to visit six Dutch initiatives that are combining nature conservation, climate change adaptation and water management objectives, through a concept called ‘natural climate buffers’. At these sites, nature organisations and water authorities are cooperating to manage water levels, to promote biodiversity in tandem with measures to reduce the risks from flooding and drought that are being exacerbated by climate change.

The results of several LIFE projects will be showcased during the 2-day Study Tour. For example, part of the Dwingelderveld National Park has benefitted from the work of the “Healthy Heath” project.

The Climate Buffer Coalition consists of eight Dutch nature organisations. It has developed natural climate buffers in nearly 30 locations across the Netherlands. These have already produced tangible results, by giving both water and nature more room to expand, storing freshwater where it is beneficial for wildlife and recreational activities, and reducing the risk of flooding in built up areas.

Eurosite is a platform for managers of natural sites across Europe. It is targeting the Study Tour at site and project managers, ecologists, policymakers, government officials and landscape engineers.

In the concluding half-day workshop, the possibilities for European funding, twinning-like collaborations and transnational projects will be discussed. The aim is to replicate innovative climate buffer solutions elsewhere in Europe.

Registration for the Study Tour is open until 21 March 2018 via the Eurosite website, where the full programme and practical information can also be found.


Directoraat-generaal Milieu (ENV)

Dit directoraat-generaal ontwerpt nieuwe milieuwetgeving, werkt deze uit en ziet erop toe te dat de overeengekomen maatregelen ook daadwerkelijk door de lidstaten in praktijk worden gebracht. Opdracht daarbij is: het milieu voor huidige en toekomstige generaties te beschermen, te bewaren en te verbeteren en de duurzame ontwikkeling te bevorderen.

Dit DG valt onder verantwoordelijkheid van de eurocommissaris voor Milieu, maritieme zaken en visserij.


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