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Demonstrating results of Big Data initiatives in Healthcare, Rotterdam

Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam
© Kevin Bergenhenegouwen
datum 17 mei 2018 - 18 mei 2018
plaats Rotterdam
locatie Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands Toon locatie
organisatie Gemeenschappelijke Informatiedienst Onderzoek en Ontwikkelingen (CORDIS)

AEGLE Conference ‘Demonstrating Results of Big Data initiatives in Healthcare’

Contributed by: LOBA

From 2018-05-17 to 2018-05-18, Netherlands

AEGLE H2020 project is launching the clustering conference ‘Demonstrating Results of Big Data initiatives in Healthcare’ for clinical researchers and medical practitioners interested in the application of future technologies in the health field. The conference will take place on May 17th and 18th, 2018 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


During this conference, national and European initiatives and start-ups who develop big data solutions in healthcare will demonstrate their work to potential users. Participants will present problems faced in current care and demonstrate how their big data solutions address these problems.

Technical aspects are merely one of the barriers for successful adoption of big data analytics in clinical practice. Other issues that these initiatives face are ethical and legal challenges, the cost effectiveness of the solutions, usability and standardisation. Therefore, attendees will also present how they have addressed these challenges in their initiative.

Call for Abstracts until March 15th

Researchers interested in sharing their investigation on big data solutions for healthcare may submit their abstracts to conference@aegle-uhealth.eu before March 15th, 2018. It should be no longer than 300 words. Abstract submission is open to all initiatives that focus on big data in healthcare irrespective of their funding or scope. Therefore, non-EU and national initiatives can also submit their work. Abstracts are subject to the following format:

  • • 
    PROBLEM: describe the health problem your solution resolves
  • • 
    SOLUTION: describe the technical solution and attach visual of your prototype demonstration - video or screenshots
  • • 
    SPECIAL CHALLENGE: refer to how you address one of the following common non-technical Big Data challenges:

o Legal/ethical issues concerning data,

o Measurable impact (i.e. cost-effectiveness) of your solution,

o Dataset standardisation,

o Usability.

Abstracts will be selected taking into account the relevance of the topic and the quality of the submission. When submitting your abstract please indicate your interest in chairing a session of the conference.

Paper submission for Health Policy and Technology until June 15th

The authors of the accepted contributions are also invited to submit a full paper before June 15th, 2018 for a special issue of Health Policy and Technology (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/health-policy-and-technology/).

Submit an abstract for a poster presentation until March 15th

Researchers who have projects in an early phase but are still interested in raising awareness may submit a 300-word abstract for a poster presentation before March 15th, 2018. There will be an opportunity during the conference where initiatives in the early phase can present their plans in poster format and attend a networking session.

Conference registration through AEGLE website: http://www.aegle-uhealth.eu/en/?op=form

More information can be found here: http://www.aegle-uhealth.eu/en/media-kit/news/conference-demonstrating-results-of-big-data-initiatives-in-healthcare1.html

For any further questions please contact conference@aegle-uhealth.eu







Alexandre Almeida


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AEGLE - AEGLE (Ancient Greek: Αἴγλη) - An analytics framework for integrated and personalized healthcare services in Europe





Subjects Healthcare delivery/services - Medicine and Health

Keywords big data, healthcare




Gemeenschappelijke Informatiedienst Onderzoek en Ontwikkelingen (CORDIS)

De Gemeenschappelijke Informatiedienst Onderzoek en Ontwikkelingen (CORDIS) houdt zich bezig informatieverstrekking over Europese onderzoeksactiviteiten in het kader van onderzoek en ontwikkeling en het verspreiden van technische kennis en toepassingen binnen de EU.

CORDIS heeft als doel:

  • deelname aan Europees onderzoek faciliteren en stimuleren
  • het verbeteren van de exploitatie van onderzoeksresultaten in het kader van een competitief Europa (zie ook Zevende Kaderprogramma)
  • de praktische toepassing van technologisch onderzoek door bedrijven stimuleren door de verspreiding van kennis
  • het bevorderen van de verspreiding van technologische kennis om de sociale acceptatie van nieuwe technologie te stimuleren


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