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Berlijn Slot Charlottenburg
© Anton Bussemaker
datum 23 november 2018 - 25 november 2018
plaats Berlijn, Duitsland
organisatie Europese Groene Partij (EGP)

The countdown is now on until our pivotal Berlin Council between 23-25 November when we will come together among Greens to map out our shared future.

On top of the agenda will be the vote to elect our Leading Candidates (known as spitzenkandidaten) who will represent the Green family at European level and blaze a path towards the May 2019 European elections. Alongside this, we’ll be adopting our Manifesto and launching our campaign plan.

Since its inception 25 years ago, the EU is for the first time in retreat with Brexit looming and populists attacking the values it holds at its core. We cannot sit back and watch as ardent anti-Europeans burn down the biggest peace project that’s ever existed. It’s also nearly three decades since we tore down that wall in Berlin and ushered in a new era on which the current European Union is based.

We will not afford to become complacent and let other political forces win the day. If we don’t set the agenda, others will.

Together with our German Green co-hosts Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, let’s chart out a better course for Europe.

It’s time for us, as Greens, to proudly speak up for what we believe in. Let’s work together to lay the foundations for a more open, tolerant, and sustainable future of equal opportunity for all.

Put the date in your calendar and let’s create the Europe we want to see.



Europese Groene Partij (EGP)

De Europese Groene Partij is een overkoepelende partij van groene partijen uit de EU en uit niet-EU-landen. Nationale partijen kunnen kandidaat-, volwaardig of geassocieerd lid worden.

De partij is opgericht in 2004 en was daarmee de eerste volwaardige politieke partij op Europees niveau. Sindsdien hebben verschillende partijen zich aangesloten, waaronder ook het Nederlandse GroenLinks en De Groenen. Voordien werkten de verschillende Europese groene partijen wel samen, maar niet in partijverband.


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