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European Border Breakers Awards Ceremony, Groningen

Groningen, Martini Toren
datum 17 januari 2018
plaats Groningen
locatie Groningen, The Netherlands Toon locatie

Start date : 17/01/2018

End date : 17/01/2018


Groningen, The Netherlands

The European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA) are about awarding and showcasing emerging European rock, pop and dance artists who achieved success in countries other than their own.

10 European artists will receive an EBBA during a spectacular TV-show presented by BBC-legend Jools Holland.

The event will take place on Wednesday January 17th 2018 in Groningen (The Netherlands) and will be recorded and broadcast on public TV stations throughout Europe.

European Border Breakers Awards 2018: Vote for your favorite artist & win a trip to the show

European Border Breakers Awards - News


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