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STEMM Equality Congress, Amsterdam

datum 11 oktober 2018 - 12 oktober 2018
plaats Amsterdam
locatie Beurs van Berlaage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Toon locatie
organisatie Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek en Innovatie (RTD)

11th-12th October 2018, Beurs Van Berlaage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The STEMM Equality Congress 2018 will offer delegates an opportunity to hear from and interact with thought leaders in equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, policy and practice in STEMM worldwide.

Attended by over 350 leading researchers, policy makers, equality staff, the private sector, academic staff, government representatives and NGOs from across the globe, the 2018 congress offers a perfect opportunity to network, learn and collaborate to achieve greater equality, diversity and inclusion in STEMM.

All proceedings, presentations and posters from the congress are published online on both the event website (view 2017 presentations here) and via the IngentaConnect library and are completely open access. All presentations are deposited in Portico and published under a Creative Commons licence to give delegates a valuable resource to utilise following the congress.

The 2017 Congress was attended by over 220 delegates from 31 countries across 5 continents.

Building on some of the key themes and issues presented during the 2017 congress, 2018 will focus on inter-sectionality, sharing success stories from around the world, practical measures that are working for other organisations, local challenges that organisations are facing, the tools they are using to address these challenges and how these tools can be applied in other countries and regions. in 2018 special attention will be given to presentations from emerging countries and the latest themes.

The 2018 congress will include updates on key programs from equality certification groups, practical policy discussions and some of the latest research findings and results across different sectors, countries and organisations types.

With presentations from senior government, funding agency, academic, private sector and certification organisation leaders from across the world, the 2018 congress will deliver actionable insight to delegates.

STEMM Equality Congress 2018 will focus on interaction - with dedicated Q&A sessions, workshops and satellite events in order to help provide delegates with insight and practical lessons and methods to apply and use.


Directoraat-generaal Onderzoek en Innovatie (RTD)

Dit directoraat-generaal is verantwoordelijk voor de ontwikkeling en uitvoering van het Europese onderzoek- en innovatiebeleid. Het concurrentievermogen, de groei en de werkgelegenheid in Europa moeten worden verbeterd. Een belangrijk instrument voor de uitvoering van het beleid zijn de Kaderprogramma's voor onderzoek en technologische ontwikkeling in Europa

Dit DG valt onder verantwoordelijkheid van de eurocommissaris voor Onderzoek, innovatie en wetenschap.


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