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October 2017: Security Union - Commission presents anti-terrorism package

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op vrijdag 13 oktober 2017.

The news:

In October 2017, the European Commission will present a set of measures to better defend European citizens against terrorist threats and build a Europe that protects. Together with the 11th Progress Report towards an effective and genuine Security Union, the package will include guidance and support to Member States in protecting public spaces, next steps on countering radicalisation as well as actions to cut off access to the means used by terrorists to prepare and carry out attacks, such as dangerous substances or terrorist financing.

The background:

Security has been a political priority since the beginning of the Juncker Commission's mandate - from President Juncker's Political Guidelines of July 2014 to the latest State of the Union address on 13 September 2017.

The European Agenda on Security guides the Commission's work in this area, setting out the main actions to ensure an effective EU response to terrorism and security threats in the European Union. Since the adoption of the Agenda, significant progress has been made in its implementation, paving a way towards an effective and genuine Security Union.

The creation by President Juncker of a specific Commissioner portfolio for the Security Union demonstrates the importance the Commission has attached to building its resilience and stepping up its response to the terrorist threat.

The sources:

10th Progress Report towards an effective and genuine Security Union

Communication: European Agenda on Security

Communication: Delivering on the European Agenda on Security to fight against terrorism and pave the way towards an effective and genuine Security Union

Factsheet: Security Union, a Europe that protects



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