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MEPs to debate Parliament’s future composition

Met dank overgenomen van Europees Parlement (EP) , gepubliceerd op maandag 11 september 2017, 15:31.

Constitutional Affairs Committee MEPs will debate a plan on how to organise the European Parliament’s seats for the next parliamentary term on Monday evening.

MEPs will debate the proposal during an extra committee meeting in Strasbourg. The seat initiative will be voted upon in the committee at a later stage, and then have to win the full approval of Parliament as a whole in a plenary vote.

Before it can enter into force, the proposal also needs to be agreed with the heads of state or government in the European Council , who must decide by a unanimous vote.

A timeline for all these votes has yet to be established. Parliament’s lead MEPs are Ms. Danuta Hübner (EPP, PL) and Mr. Pedro Silva Pereira (S&D, PT).

Quick facts

According to the Treaty on European Union, the number of members of the European Parliament cannot exceed 750, plus the President. It provides for representation to be “degressively proportional”, with a minimum threshold of 6 members per member state, and that no member state is to be allocated more than 96 seats.

WHERE: Strasbourg, Louise Weiss building; room, N1.3

WHEN: 19.30

You can also watch the meeting here .


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