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Europe and China's New Silk Roads

datum 7 februari 2017
locatie The Brussels office of the Elcano Royal Institute / Ifri (Rue Marie-Thérèse 21, 1000 Brussels) Toon locatie
aanwezigen F.P. (Frans-Paul) van der Putten e.a.
organisatie Instituut Clingendael

As China elaborates on the design on its ''Belts and Road Initiative'' (OBOR), the place of Europe within this project is slowly but surely taking shape. From rail projects in Poland and Germany to port projects in Greece and Latvia, Europe is a converging point for both the overland and maritime dimensions of China's grand project. But while it offers a number of opportunities for investment and economic development, OBOR does not present the same across Europe and is even viewed with scepticism in some captials.

To register, please contact: elledo@rielcano.org

This seminar will present and discuss the findings of the latest report by the European Think-tank Network on China (ETCN) that seeks to flesh out some of these varying perspectives. Based on a case study analysis of fourteen countries within the EU, the report takes a ''bottom-up'' approach, examining the development of the OBOR project within each country, as well as at the EU institutional level. During the seminar, some of the report's authors will discuss China's approach to Europe and European responses within the context of OBOR.


Frans-Paul van der Putten, Senior Research Fellow, Netherlands Institute of International Relations 'Clingendael', and lead coordinator of the report

Mario Esteban, Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute, Madrid

Mikko Huotari, Head of the Chinese Foreign Relations Program, Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS), Berlin

John Seaman, Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies, French Institute of International Relations (Ifri), Paris


Daniel Guyader, Senior Advisor for Asia and the Pacific, European External Action Service (EEAS)

The debate will be held in English and under Chatham House Rule.

More information on the European Think-tank Netwok on China can be found here.



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