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State of Alert, Israel style, Amsterdam

datum 7 maart 2017 20:00
plaats Amsterdam
locatie Pakhuis De Zwijger Toon locatie
zaal kleine zaal
aanwezigen D. (Dimitri) Tokmetzis e.a.
organisatie Pakhuis De Zwijger

Since the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, Israeli businesses have been witnessing a golden age of the export of security expertise and - technology. Israel has always been known as the security state, the inventor of ethnic profiling. Europe has become very interested in Israel’s latest inventions. But isn’t Europe, in doing so, importing a different perspective on the world as well -and the following consequences. How does that impact us and our society?

With among others:

Nirit Peled

regisseur VPRO Tegenlicht

Francesco Ragazzi

lecturer of International Relations, Leiden University

Erella Grassiani

universitair docent anthropology of conflict and violence, UvA

Ran Cohen

President and Founder at SDR Academy

Maaike Goslinga

International Editor at De Correspondent

Dimitri Tokmetzis

Correspondent Data & Transparantie

  • Nirit Peled is a filmmaker and over the last few years, she has made various documentaries for Tegenlicht. Being an Israeli herself, she knows what it is like to live in a militarised country and the impact it has on a person. She moved to the Netherlands to work and to raise her family here. What is her view on safety, security and the Israel model that is now crossing the European borders in various ways?
  • Ibrahim Khayar currently lives in Schaerbeek, Brussels. Ibrahim studies medicine at the Université Catholique de Louvain and volunteers at Le Space, a self-sustaining activist hub entirely run by volunteers. We will Skype with him about how daily life in Brussels (and specifically Schaerbeek and Molenbeek) has changed since the act of terrorism last year. In which ways does he experience the militarisation of society?
  • Erella Grassiani is Assistant Professor at the department of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on the Israeli security industry and its global export, and she thus has great knowledge about the Israel model. What are we importing to the Netherlands when applying this model onto our society?
  • Francesco Ragazzi is Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at Leiden University and Associated Scholar at CERI / Sciences Po Paris. His research interests are the politics of migration, diasporas and transnationalism, radicalisation and critical security studies. Which effects does living in an information society have on its citizens? Is it triggering our suspense? Or are we actually feeling safer? Francesco will share his know-how of the effects on human behaviour.
  • Ran Cohen is director of the SDR Academy. SDR stands for Search Detect and React, and is a prevention method many organisations to sustain public safety. How can one spot deviant behaviour? And why are so many Dutch organisations as the police, municipalities, NS and neighbourhood safety teams using SDR?

The Tegenlicht episode “Staat van paraatheid volgens Israel” (State of Alert, Israel style) is part of the research project Security for sale. De Correspondent initiated this project with 20 journalists from all over Europe, to research the European security industry.

From February 19th onwards, De Correspondent publishes various articles that are part of that same research project. You are able to read all these articles for free for one month, with the code given below. Go to corr.es/tegenlicht17 and enter this code: meetup.

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