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Blog: New branding of social media

Met dank overgenomen van C.M.F. (Carlos) Moedas, gepubliceerd op donderdag 27 oktober 2016.

I don’t believe in change for the sake of change, but I am a firm believer in making sure that we constantly strive to become more effective - and if this means change then I’m all for it! This is why I have decided bring up-to-date my service’s online presence so that it reflects better the philosophy that underpins the goals I have set.

I structured the principles that I believe should drive our approach to EU Science and innovation policy: Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World. The aim is to bring about a change in mind-sets and behaviour so that EU funding can contribute more effectively to achieving the Commission’s political priorities.

So, as from 8 November, our social media branding will change to reinforce the ‘Open Innovation, Open Science, and Open to the World’ message. In addition to the new 'look', the name of our institutional account will change from "Innovation Union" to "EU Science & Innovation", with a new 'handle': @EUScienceInnov.

So, new branding but the same engagement on the critical issues that we and our followers care about: reaching the full potential of Europe's science and innovation!


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